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Student Services

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1. Help students regardless of origin, sex, socio economic status, reach self – satisfying degree of achievement to commensurate with their abilities.

2. Aid students in knowing their aptitudes, abilities and personality traits.

3. Offer educational guidance, personality and placement counseling.

4. Assist students in gaining self - understanding and self acceptance.

5. Helps students improve their in academic and social matters.

6. Increase college students motivation, sensitivity and appreciation for the mind through various programs and services provided.

7. Develop the aspects of the student’s personality by offering equal educational opportunity for all.

8. Provide practice in the techniques and attitude of good citizenship appropriate to their intellectual and socio economic levels.

9. Identify students’ leaders and motivate them toward assessing their responsibilities and develop in them the personality traits to make them dedicated and effective worker.

10. Make available to student and various and effective educational media which will inspire and assist them in their continuous search for truth and knowledge.



The Student Service Office is located adjacent to the Office of the Cashier and Office of the Guidance and Counseling Coordinator. It is open from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Student Services Coordinator






Collegiate Calendar for First Semester 2014 - 2015

October 15 - 18 - Final Examination
October 27 - 31 - Enrollment Period
November 3 - Start of Second Semester

Dear graduates of IAST, PSU-Bayambang Campus,
The Institute of Arts, Sciences and Technology will be submitting the different programs (BSIT, BSBA and BPA) for Accreditation on December 2014. In this regard, may I request your full cooperation to please fill up the information required for the Alumni Tracking through this link:


Thank you very much for your support.

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